A Perfect Day for Climbing (Just Not to the Ski Lifts)

I hadn’t ridden GMR/GRR to the Baldy Village in several months, so I didn’t balk at invite to do so this weekend. I headed out with a few other guys early on Saturday AM. We’re getting to the time of year where it can get very hot on this route given the strength of the sun and the higher altitude. This was also the first time I had started in Claremont vs Glendora, which allowed for a longer warm-up before hitting GMR. We kept the pace consistent going up and regrouped at the top.

There were a good number of motorcycles on GMR, but pretty much all cyclists on GRR. This where we started to push the pace more. I keep forgetting how GRR just keep climbing, but not steeply like GMR. After climbing GMR, this takes a lot out of you. The weather was also getting warmer too.

We regrouped in Baldy Village for a quick break. Some guys headed back down, while a few of us decided to tackle the climb to the lifts. I got to the 5000 ft sign and decided it wasn’t worth it today. My legs were cramping, and it was in the mid-90s on the asphalt. I descended Mt. Baldy Road for the first time, which was a lot of fun.

Here’s some GoPro footage of the ride!



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