What a Way to Start the New Year

Well, there’s nothing like starting the new year with a head cold.  I started getting a scratchy throat on Saturday night.  I knew that I had probably picked up something from […]

Stop the Insanity!

Many runners and cyclists swear that  they start to go crazy training indoors after just a few minutes.  I never used to like running indoor track, except for the occasional race.  […]

This Is A Bachelor Party?

Josh is getting married!  Woohoo! So, what to do for a bachelor party?  Run, of course.  After a late night Particle show at the Miramar in Milwaukee on Thursday night, […]

Quick Jump It's A Skunk!

During my CX workout at Montrose on Tuesday night, I spotted what I thought was a raccoon on Cricket Hill.  As it got closer, I noticed a white stripe running […]

Time To Head Home

I biked up at Kettle today for the first time in about a year. The day was cold and mostly cloud, but the trails were sweet! I did the blue […]