2021 – The Year In Review

I wish I could say 2021 was a return to normalcy, but there was nothing “normal” about it. Yes, the threat of COVID was less and people started doing more […]

One of the great things about living in SoCal is the proximity to so many National Parks. Since I’ve lived here, I’ve been to Joshua Tree, Death Valley, and Sequoia/Kings […]

BWR Utah

Belgian Waffle Ride (BWR) Utah – The Wafer September 25, 2021 – Cedar City, UT Overall – 63rd – 5:42:41 Elapsed, 5:18:08 Moving 84 miles – 3,793 feet – 15.8 […]

More Hardware

The background to this site is an image of the plate and screws in my right clavicle.  They are from a crash back in 2008 during a TT. Well, I’ve […]

2020 - The Year In Review

To call 2020 a “unique” year is kind of an understatement. I would say “once in a lifetime”, but who knows what the future holds. While 2020 was a curveball […]