The Paris-Roubaix "Challenge"

One of the things that I was really looking forward to on my Spring Classics trip was Paris-Roubaix. OK, let me clarify what I mean by “looking forward to”. Yes, […]

Tom’s Farm 8 Mile TT September 18, 2011 – Corona, CA Masters 30+ – 1st – 20:46:00 274 watts – 25.0 MPH A nice race despite having done a hard ride […]

Psycho Cross CX Race October 16, 2010 – Wauconda, IL Cat 3 – 32nd Cat 1/2/3 – DNF I’ve had plenty of road rash and grass stains over the years, but I can’t remember ever […]

This is going to be a combination race report and workout report, because it was a quite a day.  I had been looking forward to the Illinois State Cyclocross Championships […]