San Diego Training Camp – Day 1

Many of my teammates are in San Luis Obispo for training camp this week, so I’d thought I post my routes and workouts from my “training camp” in San Diego. I arrived this afternoon and quickly assembled my Ritchey Breakaway. Days are getting longer right now, but I still brought my Ay Up headlight. My route took me north to Oceanside. I love this route at night. Not much traffic and not a lot of street lights, so my headlight covered the road in front of me well. Since I’ve done this route several times in the past couple of months, it’s beginning to feel like our Sheridan Road route back in Chicago.

Time = 2 h 11 min
Distance = 41 miles
Speed = 18.6 MPH
Climbing = 1194 feet
Average Power = 208 watts
TSS = 107

San Diego Training Camp – Day 1

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