Nine Hours of Driving for A Few Hours of Pain

DICE 40 TT and Alpine Valley Road Race
July 15-16, 2007 – Cordova, IL and East Troy, WI
Cat 4 – 7th (DICE)
Cat 4/5 – DNF (Alpine Valley)
254 watts – 25.0 MPH (DICE)
268 watts – 19.3 MPH (Alpine Valley)

When the Superweek schedule was released this year, I got damn excited for July 15-17. Alright, I think every Midwestern racer gets excited when they release the schedule, but why me? One of the races I was eyeing wasn’t even part of Superweek.

Well, I had the opportunity to have my own little stage race with a real 40K TT (DICE) and 2 hilly road races (Alpine Valley and the Proving Grounds). It ain’t France, but it will do for me. My hopes for this 3-day triad got quashed though when the Proving Grounds race got moved from Tuesday to Wednesday. Ironically, that might have been the racing gods knowing how I was going to feel.


Alpine Valley Road Race Results

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