Paris By Bike

Switching on my Clark Griswold brain, I decided to do a quick tourist spin of Paris with one of the guys in my tour group. Our hotel was only a couple of miles from the Seine, which we could easily follow up to the Eiffel Tower, etc. The big question was going to be road closures in preparation for tomorrow’s final stage of the Tour. I had expected a nice bike path along the Seine, but it ended up being very inconsistent with cobbles, detours on sidewalks, and lots of which way are we supposed to go. Sorry Paris, but Chicago, NY, and London have you beat there.

The roads, however, were in good shape, so we ended up opting for the pave. Stopping by the Eiffel Tower was kind of funny. Tons of tourists trying to get the same selfies and tons of street vendors hawking the same miniature towers. We stopped quick for photos and kept on riding. It was cool seeing Notre Dame, but we didn’t get a chance to head over the river to the Louvre. I’ll definitely have to come back to Paris in the future to actually spend time at some of these sites. At least, I saw them while I was here.

About the only way to get a photo of the Eiffel Tower without people in it
Notre Dame

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