The Aftermath

I thought I’d post a few photos of the aftermath of my crash on Saturday. As you can see, my body took the full brunt of the crash. I don’t find the photos gruesome, but you might. Just demonstrates the reality of bicycle racing.

My clavicle broke in the middle. I’ve been wearing a sling for several days. The first few days were the worse–much more painful than my elbow and scaphoid fractures. I’ve been keeping my arm close to my chest, but am finally bending my elbow and starting to use my right hand again for light tasks. The weirdest thing is having a yellow shoulder from bruising that looks like jaundice. Oh, well, thank goodness for naproxen and ice packs!

My road rash wasn’t bad at first, but hurts worse now that it’s scabbing over. As I walk, it starts to crack with leg movement.

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