I Remember Back in ’32

According to WGN, this August has been the driest since the Dust Bowl days of 1932.  Yep.  You should  have seen my CX bike after a few laps on the limestone paths of Waterfall Glen.  I don’t have photos, but let’s just say it looked like I hadn’t washed my bike in a couple of years.

For those of you not familiar with Waterfall Glen, it’s part of the DuPage County Forest Preserves.  It encompasses Argonne National Laboratory and provides a 10 mile off-road loop for runners, cyclists, etc. It’s hilly, but not that hilly.  It has lots of tight turns that will test your high speed bike handling.  I found it to be a perfect workout for helping to rebuild my offroad confidence in cyclocross.  I did 3 loops and was skittish on the first, but got more comfortable on the next ones.  The dry, loose surface testing my confidence and willingness to hit the corners at high speed. Plus, it was in the 90s, and I hard learned my hydration lesson from the state TT championships yesterday.

Ride#1 – 31 miles – 1599 feet of climbing

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