Looking to Join a Cycling Club?

Now is the time of year when many people begin “shopping” for cycling clubs. For the uninitiated, it can be a little overwhelming. Many clubs are by invitation only and tend to recruit experienced racers. I was directed towards XXX Racing/Athletico by one of my Universal Sole teammates, Joel Feinberg.  He had raced with the club for a few years, before going to the Burnham Racing squad (which has many former XXXers). His recommendation was a good fit for me, since XXX was an open club focused on developing new racers.

In my 3 years on the team, I have watched it grow to over 150 members who compete is just about every bike racing.  The team has also shifted its focus to help AND retain racers of all ability levels. So, if you live in the Chicago area, are new to bike racing or a Cat 1, and are looking for a new team, come check us out. This is a great time of year to join, because it allows you to take full advantage of club benefits, like coaching workshops, skills clinics, spring camps, uniform orders, and more. We have regular meetings the first Monday of every month at 7:30 PM at Goose Island-Clybourn. Check out the XXX Racing website for more info.

Also, watch the video below if you want to get flavor of what it’s like to race with us. It was filmed by Peter Wiese and features our main road race, the Sherman Park criterium.


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